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Arizona Sleep Apnea Solutions


Our goal at Arizona Sleep Apnea Solutions is to help you, your family, friends or anyone you know who suffers from sleep apnea find the correct treatment to solve their sleep needs. We also have the ability to diagnosis and treat children who may also suffer from sleep apnea. 


At Arizona Sleep Apnea Solutions, we are improving people's lives each and every day. If you know of anyone experiencing the symptoms below, please let them know there are alternatives and treatment to correct these problems.



What is Sleep Apnea?


Obstructive sleep apnea is when the airway collapses during sleep, blocking the flow of air to the lungs. The person tries to continue to breathe, but the harder they try, the tighter the airway closes. Eventually the brain “wakes up” the person to a lighter level of sleep and the person will reposition their jaw and tongue to open the airway—usually with a gasp or snort. The sleeper will then usually start the whole process over again.


Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Adults:


Loud snoring, nighttime choking or gasping spells

Episodes of not being able to breathe

Problems with memory and concentration

Sweating or chest pain while sleeping

Unrefreshed feeling after sleep

Daytime sleepiness

Sore throat



Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Children:



Mouth breathing

Bed wetting

Failure to thrive


Excessive daytime sleepiness

Behavioral problems

Perceived attention disorder


Linked Health Issues:


Sleep Apnea is also considered a risk factor for several serious health problems, such as:


High Blood Pressure

Heart Attack





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